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Model Number NSK 550TFD7601
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features

NTN CRTD8403-360 mm - - - - - - 540 mm
SKF 350916D-120 mm - - - - - - 200 mm
522837-115 mm - - - - - - 240 mm
829954-80 mm - - - - - - 110 mm
567356-30 mm - - - - - - 72 mm
NSK 170TFD2401-35 mm - - - - - - 80 mm
2THR52369- - - - - - - - -
NSK 190TFD3301-500 mm - - - 9 mm - - -
NSK 260TFD3602-560 mm - - - - - - 750 mm
NTN CRTD5007-25 mm - - - - - - 52 mm
SKF 353152-12 mm - - - - - - 32 mm
523410Y- - - - - - - - -
52201- - - - - - - - -
FAG 515805- - - - - - - - 540 mm
FAG 528974-45 mm - - - - - - 50 mm
SKF 351475C- - - - - - - - 180 mm
FAG 534038-10 mm - - - - - - 22 mm
509352-90 mm - - - - - - 140 mm
530852-60 mm - - - - - - 75 mm
528974-12 mm - - - - - - 32 mm
579703-120 mm - - - - - - -
NSK 670TFD9001-60 mm - - - - - - -
NTN CRTD4802-100 mm - - - - - - 140 mm
FAG 528876- - - - - - - - 16 mm
519330Y- - - - - - - - 870 mm
FAG 513125-240 mm - - - - - - 440 mm
526400Y-40 mm - 14.8 mm - 39 mm - - -
548285- - - - - - - - 500 mm


SKF 351475C DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSLimiting Speed - Oil:3,400 rpm; Nr. of Holes:4; da (min):99 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Enclosure:Open; Dynamic Load Rating:665,000 N; Groove Width A:11 mm; Axial Load Factor Y0:1.97; Configuration:Double Row; D:180 mm; B:60 mm; Static Load Rating:585,000 N; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:3 mm; Roller Profile:Symmetric; Center Guidance:Floating Steel Ring; Retainer Material:Pressed Steel; Radial Clearance:0.060 to 0.100 mm;
FAG 513401 DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSLabyrinth ring:2 x LOR 131; P60°:189 kN; N1:25.4 mm; PG:1/4 NPT; P180°:84.5 kN; Da:240 mm; P150°:68.1 kN; Bearing limiting speed:3000 r/min; A1:133.35 mm; H:287.337 mm; Appropriate attachment bolt size G:0.875 in; H1:152.4 mm; R1:79.375 mm; J1:82.55 mm; J max.:406.4 mm; Housing:SAF 032 KA; L:466.725 mm; Cap bolt:2 x 1-8 UNC; Mass pillow block:79.7 kg; R2:36.513 mm;
57332 DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSHousing:SAF 315; P150°:40.5 kN; db:87.313 mm; N1:22.225 mm; A2:149.225 mm; P180°:49.8 kN; Cap bolt:2 x 5/8-11 UNC; h:42.862 mm; H1:101.6 mm; Stabilizing ring:2 x SR-1615; R1:60.325 mm; H:192.088 mm; dc:71.438 mm; Bearing limiting speed:5600 r/min; Pa:32 kN; P60°:121 kN; L:349.25 mm; RG:3/8 NPT; J min.:263.525 mm; J max.:295.275 mm;
509654 DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSH1:79.375 mm; da:68.263 mm; H2:47.625 mm; J max.:247.65 mm; Limiting speed:2800 r/min; s:31.75 mm; A1:99.219 mm; B:92.075 mm; Basic dynamic load rating C:158 kN; J min.:234.95 mm; L:304.8 mm; A:76.2 mm; Attachment bolt diameter G:19.05 mm; S:0.794 mm; Mass bearing unit:11.6 kg; d2:111.125 mm; H:160.338 mm;
FAG 529086 DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSra max.:2.5 mm; K:5 mm; r3,4 min.:3 mm; Da max.:347 mm; da min.:256 mm; Basic dynamic load rating C:2120 kN; Basic static load rating C0:3900 kN; s max.:9 mm; Reference speed:800 r/min; rb max.:2.5 mm; D:360 mm; das:267 mm; r1,2 min.:3 mm; Mass bearing:56 kg; Fatigue load limit Pu:400 kN; Limiting speed:1000 r/min; d:240 mm; B:160 mm; d1 ≈:276.7 mm; b1:9.4 mm;
509392 DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSB:6 mm; Radial Clearance:0.011 to 0.025 mm; Weight:0.012 kg; Configuration:Single Row; Static Load Rating:1,320 N; Enclosure:Snap Ring Groove wit; Cy (max):1.5 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; d:12 mm; ra (max):0.3 mm; Snap Ring Width:0.7 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:36,000 rpm; Limiting Speed - Grease:30,000 rpm; Factor fo:14.5; b (min):0.8 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:2,700 N; D1 (max):22.8 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:0.3 mm;
526400Y DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSRecommended diameter for attachment bolts, mm G:12 mm; A:39 mm; Recommended diameter for attachment bolts, inch G:0.5 in; Basic static load rating C0:19 kN; Mass bearing unit:0.99 kg; A5:23.5 mm; Housing material:Composite; Da:115.9 mm; d:40 mm; B1:56.3 mm; Thread grub screw G2:M10x1; A1:17 mm; Limiting speed:950 r/min; A3:3.2 mm; T:58.9 mm; N:14.8 mm; Fatigue load limit Pu:0.8 kN; J:101.5 mm; Recommended tightening torque for grub screw:16.5 N·m;
FAG 545991 DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSLabyrinth ring (db shaft position):LOR 175; End plug (suffix Y):EPR 22; h:87.313 mm; A2:317.5 mm; Max. speed for PosiTrac Plus seal:650 r/min; PosiTrac Plus contact element (dc shaft position):B10724-161; Cap bolt:4 x 1 1/2-6 UNC; L:869.95 mm; A1:228.6 mm; Eye bolt:2 x 1/2-13 UNC; P60°:669 kN; Ca:147.803 mm; da:200 mm; J min.:666.75 mm; P90°:400 kN; db:222.25 mm; Housing:SAFS 340; P150°:222 kN;
829276 DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSCap bolt:4 x 3/4-10 UNC; Cap bolt, SAE grade:5; Ca:82.804 mm; S:4.763 mm; Adapter sleeve assembly:SNW 30x5.5/16; J max.:463.55 mm; P180°:96.1 kN; A2:215.9 mm; PG:1/4 NPT; Da:269.999 mm; Initial grease fill:623.7 g; H:320.675 mm; Labyrinth ring:2 x LOR 127; L:539.75 mm; Eye bolt:2 x 3/8-16 UNC; R2:39.688 mm; Pa:32.7 kN; P120°:87.2 kN; H2:63.5 mm; P90°:138 kN;
FAG 515805 DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSStatic Load Rating:2,230,000 N; Limiting Speed - Oil:1,200 rpm; Limiting Speed - Grease:1,000 rpm; Outside Ring Inside Diameter:464 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Enclosure:Open; Db (max):468 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:6 mm; da (min):288 mm; Db (min):512 mm; db (min):288 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:1,620,000 N; D:540 mm; db (max):331 mm; r1:6 mm; ra (max):5 mm; B:102 mm; Weight:114.000 kg; Da (max):512 mm;
NTN CRTD6104 DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSWeight:2.150 kg; d:90 mm; B:30 mm; da (min):100 mm; Da (max):150 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:4,000 rpm; Factor fo:14.5; Static Load Rating:71,500 N; ra (max):2 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:96,000 N; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Configuration:Single Row; D:160 mm; Radial Clearance:0.030 to 0.058 mm; Enclosure:Double Seal;
SKF 353102 DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSK:9 mm; C:440 mm; r3,4 min.:5 mm; b:16.7 mm; Basic static load rating C0:16600 kN; r1,2 min.:5 mm; d:400 mm; Calculation factor kr:660; Fatigue load limit Pu:1400 kN; D:590 mm; α:20 °; Design variant/feature:BC4.7/W33WI; Mass bearing:415 kg; Basic dynamic load rating C:7920 kN; D1 ≈:530 mm; F:450 mm; B:440 mm;
FAG 549701 DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSr1,2 min.:5 mm; d1 ≈:204.62 mm; Reference speed:1600 r/min; C:44 mm; ra max.:5 mm; Calculation factor Y:0.72; Dimension series:7GB; T:72 mm; Fatigue load limit Pu:80 kN; d:130 mm; da max.:157 mm; db min.:149 mm; Calculation factor e:0.83; Mass bearing:18.5 kg; Limiting speed:2400 r/min; Cb min.:28 mm; Db min.:261 mm; D:280 mm; Calculation factor Y0:0.4; r3,4 min.:4 mm;
NSK 320TFD4401 DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSD:100 mm; a (max):2.5 mm; b (min):1.3 mm; Snap Ring Width:1.1 mm; Snap Ring Outside Diameter:104.4 mm; Cy (max):3.3 mm; r1:0.5 mm; Factor fo:16.3; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Enclosure:Single Shield with S; Radial Clearance:0.025 to 0.051 mm; da (min):75 mm; Dx (min):106 mm; Configuration:Single Row; Weight:0.332 kg; ra (max):1 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:23,700 N; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:7,700 rpm;
532584 DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSBasic static load rating C0:5200 kN; α:5 °; Lubricant:Regular relubricatio; M:8 mm; b:15 mm; Basic dynamic load rating C:1730 kN; Mass plain bearing:17.5 kg; Design (sliding contact surface combination):Steel/steel, heavy-d; r2 min.:1.1 mm; dk:207.162 mm; Specific static load factor K0:300 N/mm²; Specific dynamic load factor K:100 N/mm²; Sealing solution:Triple-lip seals; Material constant KM:330;
829784K DOUBLE ROW TAPERED THRUST ROLLER BEARINGSB:85 mm; Enclosure:Open; Center Guidance:Floating Steel Ring; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:2.1 mm; Weight:13.000 kg; Axial Load Factor Y1:1.87; Da (max):213 mm; Retainer Material:Pressed Steel; Roller Profile:Symmetric; ra (max):2 mm; Constant e:0.36; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Static Load Rating:1,180,000 N; Limiting Speed - Grease:2,300 rpm; Hole Diameter (do):8 mm; Groove Width A:14 mm; D:225 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:2,900 rpm;





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